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Today I would like to introduce a new writer and dear friend on TheWaterwhispers website. As some of you may know is that the world’s first ASMR book got published by the Idiot’s Guides on the 5th of May 2015. Julie Young was the one who gave me the amazing opportunity to become a co-writer for this wonderful book and we started working together last year June.

I am very proud to say that Julie and me became good friends as we got to know each other while working on the book together and I absolutely love her work. I soon became to realize that I love Julie’s writing style as I read through the unedited chapters of The ASMR Book last year and shortly before we reached our deadline I made her an offer which I was pretty nervous about but I’m happy she said yes! 😛

I wanted to give Julie another outlet where people can read her work because her work absolutely deserves to be seen by more people and I find her natural writing style very entertaining, interesting, easy going and knowledgeable. On top of that I feel really fortunate that Julie wants to write content for my website and I hope you’ll enjoy her articles just as much as I do!

Starting next Wednesday May 27th Julie will release an article a week on my website so with that being said, welcome Julie Young!

Love Ilse

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