Relax! 10 ways to de-stress when you’re pregnant

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By Maria Muennich Physical challenges, pregnancy discomforts and inevitable life-changes can all make for stress when you’re pregnant, here’s ideas for relaxing and avoiding the stress in the first place Long gone are the days where we referred to pregnancy as a woman’s confinement period and women were expected to stay indoors and do very little throughout. These days we’re … Read More

What Happens When You Sleep?

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When we sleep well, we wake up feeling refreshed and alert for our daily activities. Sleep affects how we look, feel and perform on a daily basis, and can have a major impact on our overall quality of life. To get the most out of our sleep, both quantity and quality are important. Teens need at least 8 hours—and on … Read More

30 Quick Relaxation Techniques to Kill Stress

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Study found that mild stress can be as damaging as severe ones. Learn to nip stress in the bud before it leaves lasting harm. Feeling stressed? Don’t brush it aside even though it may feel like a mild one. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health revealed that even mild stress can have potentially long term … Read More

Stages of Sleep

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By Diana L. Walcutt, Ph.D Do you ever wonder why you don’t dream when you sleep? The truth is, if you are getting proper amounts of sleep in proper time periods, and not taking medications or using alcohol or illegal substances, you are dreaming. You just don’t remember them unless they wake you. Stages of Sleep Wakefulness includes Gamma, High … Read More