5 Reasons Why International ASMR Day Was Born

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Today it’s April 9th 2014 and this is the third year we are celebrating International ASMR Day! This day was created in 2012 and I would like to share with you why and how International ASMR Day was born.

In March 2012 the ASMR video maker KellyMsAutumnRed started a facebook conversation about ASMR saying how amazing it would be if we could have one day to celebrate ASMR. I got involved in this wonderful conversation together with Maria GentleWhispering and a few other ASMR video makers. During that conversation we created the foundation of International ASMR Day and here are the reasons why we decided to create this day.

1. We’d love to dedicate a day to celebrate the feeling.

ASMR is an amazing feeling and it has changed many lives in a positive. Because of that we’d love to dedicate a specific day to celebrate this wonderful feeling so that we can connect with others, share our experiences, thoughts and overall just being happy together that we experience this amazing feeling and how it changed our lives for the better!

2. International ASMR Day will be on the 9th of April because…

For many people this day is a holiday that goes together with Easter. If we would like to organize something in the future on April 9th, more people will be able to travel and meet up with others who experience ASMR as well.

3. We can promote ASMR on this day and raise awareness

Since a lot of people experience ‘tingles’ but don’t know that these ‘tingles’ have a name, International ASMR Day would be a good day to promote ASMR. There are plenty of people out there who never heard about ASMR that we might be able to help in different ways, so it’s good that we can promote ASMR in a positive way so that other people who deal with sleeping problems or high levels of stress for example can give ASMR videos a shot.

4. It’s a good opportunity for ASMR video content creators to get together

ASMR has brought a lot of people together including the ASMR video content creators themselves. It would be amazing if ASMRtists can come together on this wonderful day to celebrate ASMR and to do video collaborations.

5. We can organize an ASMR convention in the future

In the future we might be able to organize an International ASMR Convention in April, once more people found out about ASMR. This day is all about bringing people together so this would be the perfect opportunity to see of more people would like to meet up so that they can share their experiences and thoughts about ASMR with others.

It was a very exciting time to create International ASMR Day in 2012 with the other ASMR video content creators and I hope you’ll enjoy this day as much as I do. Many ASMRtists make special videos on this day since 2012 so don’t forget to check out their videos and overall, don’t forget to celebrate the fact that we experience this amazing feeling and how it might have changed your life for the better 🙂 Feel free to share your thoughts, reasons and experiences in the comment section down below!

For people who are interested, I made a video when International ASMR Day was created on the day itself in 2012 so feel free to check that out: International ASMR Day


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