Did you have a relaxing weekend?

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Hey sweet people ♥

I wanted to write a little something about how my weekend went and would love to know how yours was! Yesterday me and Chris went to a forest that’s near by my house and we had a nice walk with lots of screaming kids and barking dogs around us 😛 No but seriously it was beautiful and relaxing though and i loved the fluffy animals that i saw in the petting zoo which was next to the forest ^.^

I also had my microphone with me and recorded a sound play where I pretend that you and me are getting followed. While I was doing that Chris took some lovely pictures of nature around us. I’m still not sure what to do with the recording that I made so I need some time to think if I would like to publish this or not :).

That was pretty much our entire Saturday since we don’t like to get up early and today, Sunday I spend a big part of my day editing the video for tomorrow and I managed to record a short video for my vlog which will take a while before I’ll upload it but at least I filmed the video already 🙂

After that me and Chris went to my aunt’s house where we had a wonderful barbecue and a good time.

That was it for today 🙂 I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend as well and tomorrow I’ll be publishing a new video again. Keep an eye on your inbox because the registered members will be able to see the sneak peek somewhere tomorrow before i publish it 😉

Sleep well tonight and much love to you.

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