Do you remember this ASMR trigger?

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Hey there!

Today I want to share a personal ASMR memory with you that popped into my head recently and I want to see if there are more people out there who can relate to this as well. I used this memory for one of my upcoming videos as well.

When I was in elementary school there were always kids who would play little games that would set my ASMR tingles on fire so to say ^_^

Maybe some of you will recognize what I’m talking about. When I was around 6 years old and went to elementary school every single day (which i really didn’t like) I was always a little bit of a black sheep and I really didn’t like it but what would always brighten up my day were the other kids around me who liked to do whisper and back writing games. I always loved to listen to them from a distance while sitting on my little chair or I would watch them writing on each others back.

Now I know that this may sound a little crazy to those of you who don’t experience ASMR or who have no clue what ASMR is but sometimes when I was ‘lucky’ one of the kids wanted to play the back writing game with me. We would write words on each others back and for some reason it always felt really careful and soft. So there I was in my little chair as a 5 year old Ilse zoning out while someone was writing letters on my back. When the kid was done writing on my back I had to say what the word was but most of the time i had no idea. So then they would spell the word on my back again and i could get more ASMR tingles 🙂

That’s one of those memories that I always love to think about. The memory is so clear to me that every time when i think, write or talk about it I can feel those light head tingles again. I don’t know why but to be honest, I don’t really care, it doesn’t change anything about the memory nor the tingles 😉

Do you recognize any of this as well? feel free to share your story below <3


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