It’s time for some motivation!

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Hi you!

Last year September I made a video about motivation which I shaped into a Role play.  ASMR. Encouraging & Motivational talk for you ♥.

After I published it I got a lot of good responses and many people asked me to make another motivation talk video.

It took me a while but 9 months later after this has been requested I can tell you that I got inspired last night. As soon as the puzzle pieces came together in my head early in the morning, i started writing. The end result is a Motivational Talk video of about 2 pages long en it basically helps you to get up in the morning and to get inspired.

Yesterday during the day i filmed some footage in my grandma’s garden of flowers and the wind slowly touching them so those are the videos that i will be using for this Motivational Wake up session.

This is the video I ended up making, waking up ASMR style.


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