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Hi everyone!

I would like to share which videos I’m currently working on because I have many new videos in store for you. I am currently working on videos for my website (Sequels), TouchingTingles and TheWaterwhispers Youtube channel. The first one that I would like to talk about it is a caring role play.

In this Role play you passed by my garden and you got unwell. You wake up and your vision is still a little bit blurry. After you can see clear again you wonder what happened and how you ended up in a strangers house (that strangers is me 🙂 I tell you that you got unwell and that I took you inside my house so that I can take care of you and fresh you up a little since you didn’t look to good. This video is around 30 minutes long and basically belongs to the ‘Let me take care of you’ series. I will publish this video somewhere in the next few weeks.

At the same time while I’m working on re caring Role play I thought it was about time again that I would make a video for my ‘sounds only’ channel called TouchingTingles. The next video that you can expect has been requested a few times after my ‘writing sounds and chewing gum’ video. Not everyone was able to enjoy that video to the fullest since not everyone enjoys the eating sounds so that’s why I decided to make a video without the chewing gum sounds. This video is around 30 minutes long.

Then I’m also working on a sequel video which I try to make frequently. You can buy the sequel videos on my website for 2 dollars or if you become a premium subscriber, ALL my ‘paid to view’ videos are available to you. At the moment there are 4 sequels available and soon I will add another sequel video to this unique collection which will be an eating sounds video.

That’s it for today, i hope that you’re going to have a great week and that your week has been going well so far and I’ll talk to you soon again!


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