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A while ago I found a Male ASMRtist who really inspired me to try something different. The way that he films is absolutely spectacular in my opinion and he gave me a whole new perspective about filming in general. His name is Steven ASMR and i’m happy i checked out his channel because it was very inspiring.

One of the videos that I’ve created out of this new inspiration is called: ASMR Pure close up angels of Performing simple tasks – Sounds only. In this video I do different things such as, cutting cardboard, brushing the cardboard and some other things but what’s so different about it is that i change the camera angles a few times.

What that means for the video is that it’ll be more interesting to watch for all the people who get ASMR through visual triggers and in general the video becomes more dynamic I think. It started as an experiment (especially because I filmed everything with one camera and one microphone) but i think it actually turned out better than just an experiment!

That’s what I wanted to share with you today and for everyone who would like me to check out their channel, please leave a comment and i’ll check it out as soon as i can ^_^.


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