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Hello you!

At the moment I’m working on a few exciting new videos and I wanted to share my happiness and excitement with all of you ^.^ Within 1,5 month I’m going to do a lot of travelling and that’s why I’m already working ahead a little with filming because the last thing that I want is that you’re running out of new videos to watch at night!

Today and yesterday I went out to film at my grandma’s house and I got the following things done: The first video that I filmed is a ‘sounds only’ video where I show you the simple tasks that I’ll be preforming in different angles again. Last week I wrote another article about a similar video that I filmed in different angles, so now I have two ‘sounds only’ videos for you 😀

What I filmed today is a video inspired by ‘Wooden blocks & Dutch whispering’ video that I made over a year ago. The new video will be in Dutch again and while I whisper in Dutch I talk about the wooden blocks that I play with. I found those on the attic of my grandma and because I had so many requests to make a Dutch video again I thought it was a good idea to add them together.

I’m also thinking of making a Dutch video where I talk about ASMR and what it is. I still don’t know if that would be a good idea or not so if you would like to share your opinion in the comment section down below this article I would be really happy with reading your ideas/thoughts on this! I appreciate all of you so much and know that you mean a lot to me.

So these are the projects that I’m working on/thinking about and I hope you like it! Much love to all of you and hopefully a good day and great weekend to all of you!

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