Things that can help you SLEEP!

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Hi there,

I did some research on Google about things that can make you fall asleep and I would like to share them with you.

The things that always make me fall asleep are ASMR videos as many of you might know. If I can’t sleep after that I always play a simple game on my I pod till my eyes are heavy enough to fall asleep. If that still doesn’t work I simply get up , grab a piece of paper and start writing to clear my mind. Those are my top 3 things that I do when I can’t sleep sleep.

It’s nice to know that that works for me but what I was curious about is, what works for others? This is what I found:

  1. Put some quiet music on.
  2. Clear your mind and let your thoughts wander aimlessly.
  3. Read something that you like.
  4. Drink a cup of tea.
  5. Drink warm milk
  6. Take sleeping pills if you have chronicle problems.
  7. Block out all light and sound.
  8. Curl your toes!
  9. Create a ritual that you ONLY do before sleeping.
  10. Listening to hypnosis pot cast.
  11. Listen to a fan/white noise.
  12. Keep your bedroom cool.
  13. Spray lavender oil on your sheets.

Some of these things really surprised me and I’m not sure if all of them work but these are interesting results I think 🙂 What i would like to know is what do you do when you can’t sleep? What is your top 3? Write them down below!

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