What ASMR type of tingles do I have in store?

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Hello my lovely friends!

It has been a while since I wrote any articles but today I felt inspired and compelled to share the upcoming video ideas wit you. I am exited to enter my fourth year as an ASMR video maker soon and for the fact that so many of you have joined me in this wonderful and tingle friendly community. You will be able to expect many more videos in 2015 so let me tell you about the upcoming one which will be published tomorrow.

  1. Next video will be manly a whispered video with a sip of soft spoken in between. The entire video will be in Dutch and I will be talking about the objects that I’m playing around with which will make a lot of soft crinkly sounds.
  2. The second video that you can expect is another version of my snail mail series which I have started a few months ago after getting a PO box ^_^ It will be a mixture of themes since I believe that there are still some Christmas gifts to be unwrapped so I will be looking forward to filming that one! 
  3. The third video which I would like to make is a video where I show you some of my favorite products, things I like to eat, drink and where I got them! Now you know what I like to use, consume, use in videos, you name it, just a little bit about me.
  4. I am also thinking about making another role play which involves hair treatment but I am not sure yet. Have to see if I can make that happen.

Tingle out! 

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