Who are the first Whisperers & ASMRtists?

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Hello! Today I would like to put a few people in the spotlights which are very important to the history and the developments of ASMR. They are the very first beginning of the ASMR/Whisper Community and I haven’t actually seen an article about this yet so I decided to write one myself. (Attention: Forgive me If I forgot anyone, I … Read More

Six Triggers On YouTube

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Like a lot of ASMR experiencers, I stumbled onto the online whisper community and their trigger videos by accident although I was more or less “involved” from the very beginning. Ever since Connie gave me that biofeedback tape, I was on the lookout for material that could cause the same relaxation response inside of me. I would seek out relaxation … Read More

5 brand NEW ASMR trigger videos

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Hello you! Today I would love to give you an update about everything that has been happening lately. I am currently working on a lot of videos and some of them are a little bit experimental. The first one will be a hand relaxation video and in this video you’ll be able to enjoy the visual aspect of ASMR. The … Read More

ASMR community for Dutch speaking tingle heads!

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Hello everyone, Hallo iedereen 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I have  created a new Facebook group especially for my Dutch viewers/subscribers! On this facebook page I will share my thoughts and experiences about ASMR and it would be fun to get in touch with my Dutch viewers and subscribers. If you have an ASMR channel and you’re … Read More

Why do we experience ASMR?

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Hello! Do you know why some people experience ASMR and why others don’t? Today I would like to share my theory about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) with you. I’ve been thinking about doing this for months because I know a lot of people don’t want any research to be done or they simply don’t want to know the what … Read More