Nostalgic Goodness β™₯ Another Mic & New Test! Raw Mono – Senheiser Evolution

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Hi sweeties πŸ™‚ Tonight I would like to spend some time with ya’ll as I would like to share some nostalgia with you ^_^ I have had this (new) 15 year old Senheiser studio mic lying around for a looooong time since it used to belong to my dad.

My dad used to be a singer in a band and had his own microphone to sing in the studio and multiple cafe’s he performed at. He passed away in 2004 and I decided to keep the mic not thinking I would ever use it but yesterday night Chris borrowed my other camera and mic and I really felt like filming something so I decided to give it a test run!

I could also do live streaming with this mic since I can hook it up to the pc so please let me know what you think of the mic quality! (The camera I am using with this lighting wasn’t the greatest so my apologies for that)

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