18 Personal Attention Role Plays That Will Make You Feel Good!

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Hello everyone,

Today I would like to talk about ASMR Personal Attention Role Plays!

Many people who watch ASMR videos seem to really enjoy personal attention Role Plays. They can remind you of a real life experience you’ve had in the past or you just want to be pampered a little and have someone that cares about you.

Personally I really enjoy these type of videos and I filmed quite a few of them myself in the last 2 years. I’ve noticed that sometimes people can’t seem to find the personal attention role plays they’re looking for on my YouTube channel so today I want to take this opportunity to tell you what I filmed so far and I’ll include the links to each video in this article so that you can stop looking and enjoy the Role Plays!

Let me give you a few examples of Personal Attention Role Plays before I give you the different links to the videos so that you know what I’m talking about. There’s no ‘real’ definition of what these type of role plays are in the ASMR Community but I would describe them as videos where someone makes you feel welcome, save, comfortable & relaxed. The type of videos that I would divine as Personal Attention Role Plays are: Friend Role Plays, Motivation & Encouraging Role Plays, Motherly type of Role Plays, Nurse Role Plays and Therapist Role Plays.

Now that you have an idea what I’m talking about I would like to give you the list of Personal Attention Role Plays I’ve created especially for you. I hope you’ll enjoy these videos and feel free to share your thoughts, tips & feedback down below in the comment section 🙂

1. Let me take care of you Role Plays

In these videos I’m your friend, mother or nurse that loves you, cares about you or both! If you’re feeling lonely or you just want to be pampered and have a friend around you, these are your type of videos.

Click any of these videos for tingles!

Soft Spoken Interactive RP – Let me be your ASMR Friend, intro (Part 1)

Soft Spoken Interactive RP – Let me be your ASMR Friend, lets play a game! (Part 2)

Soft Spoken Interactive RP – Let me be your ASMR Friend, going through recipes! (Part 3)

Gentle Face Treatment – Humble Friend Role play (ASMR Whispering)

Powerful Binaural Scalp/Head Massage – Most Requested ASMR Role Plays

ASMR Whispering – Binaural Scalp/Head Massage (Caring Friend)

[HD] ASMR Caring Role play – Soft Spoken Story Reading

Comforting friend RP (Scalp Massage & Face Rubs)

ASMR Caring Friend Role Play – Personal Attention

ASMR Soft spoken RP – Let me take care of you

ASMR Soft Spoken – Caring Nurse Role play

2. Encouraging & Motivation Role Plays

Do you know those days that you need someone who can encourage you? A good friend that will tell you that you’re good enough and can give you some advice about a certain situation that you’re in? These are the type of videos for you if that’s what you’re looking for!

How to Pursue Your Goals in 2014? (Normal Spoken Voice – Advise)

ASMR Soft Spoken – Encouraging & Motivational talk for you

[HD] Ear to Ear Soft Spoken – Motivational ASMR Morning Talk

Managing Short Term Stress (Soft Spoken ASMR)

– ASMR Soft Spoken – De-stressing before a Job Interview or Audition 

3. Videos for Anxiety

Sometimes an anxiety can take you over completely and you can’t find a way to calm down and think straight again. It can be difficult to find someone who can say the right things that you need to hear to move on with your day again and that’s why I created these videos! I suffer from anxiety attacks myself once in a while and based on my experiences I tried to be the friend for you that I would like to have myself when I have one of these episodes.

Suffering from Anxiety Attacks? Let me comfort you (ASMR RP Soft Spoken)

Anxiety problems – Tips & Tricks (ASMR Soft Spoken)

I hope that these videos will help you in some way and that they can ease your mind, make you feel relaxed, cared for and hopefully give you some tingles on top of that!

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