Labeling My Spice & Herb Bottles with Whispering ~ ASMR

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Good evening! It is so good to see you again ♥ I love cooking with herbs and spices so I thought that it would be a relaxing little task to label some of my new herb and spice bottles with you and for you tonight ^_^ Please let me know what kinds of herbs and spices you like to us and also, I would really like know down below if you would like to see the next video in Dutch and in English? Keep reading 🙂

In the next video I will show you the plastic box with stuff that I brought back from the Netherlands which I didn’t get to show you in this video because I was too hungry at the end haha :p So I had to stop at 38 minutes to have dinner ^_^ Please let me know!

Sending you lots of love, warmth, positivity, tingles and relaxation your way :*

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