Watch It Grow! 42 HOURS – Giant Orbeez Up Close – ASMR

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Hello beautiful peoples ^_^ A few weeks ago I saw a video on Instagram from ASMR Sounds By Sophie (called tingletreats on Instagram) and in that short but super tingle ASMR video she played around with giant Orbeez and I watched that little video at least 50 times by now!

That got me thinking. I had to go and get myself some giant Orbeez cause the texture of them made me want to play around with it myself so today I have the first Orbeez vdeo for you in which I recorded the growing process of 4 Orbeez. Sophie inspired me to create this video and It took me 42 HOURS to record 5 different stages of the Orbeez growth and I can honestly say that this video was super fun to film! It did truly test out my patience though cause man, it was hard to wait in between 😛

It was very nice being able to create this ASMR video for you and I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it ^_^

Much love to all of you and have a wonderful day or night, depending on where you are in the world 🙂

Here is the link to Sophie’s YouTube channel!

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