Who are the first Whisperers & ASMRtists?

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Today I would like to put a few people in the spotlights which are very important to the history and the developments of ASMR. They are the very first beginning of the ASMR/Whisper Community and I haven’t actually seen an article about this yet so I decided to write one myself. (Attention: Forgive me If I forgot anyone, I did the searching myself so it’s always possible that I’m not aware of everyone who got started in 2009. If you know anyone else, please let me know so that I can add them to my timeline! Thank you.)

The word ASMR stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and was founded in 2010 by the ASMR ResearchSupport group so the history that you’re about to read is before that time.

In 2009 a few people decided to start their Whisper channel and made their first video on YouTube. They are the foundation of the Community which started to make whisper videos and it’s known as the ASMR/Whisper Community nowadays. The people that I’m referring to are: WhisperingLife, DanishVlog and TheWhisperingvoice.

In Whisperinglife’s first video you can hear her talking about why she makes this video and what kind of thoughts she has about the fact that she likes whispering: “I thought that I would make some videos of me whispering because I absolutely love listening to people whispering which is really really weird but I just, I think it’s a weird fetish or something. I dunno but anyway.” She also talks about the fact that she was looking for some whisper videos but that she wasn’t able to find any so she decided to make a whisper channel for all the whisper lovers out there just like her.

DanishVlog removed a lot of her videos so I wasn’t able to see her first video.

In TheWhisperingVoice his first video he spoke about why he got started:” This is just a test video because I’ve seen lots of whispering videos on YouTube, manly by WhisperingLife, mysterious girl and whispering stories I’ve always liked and whispering voices because I find them very relaxing when you had a stressful day” He also talks about how he would like to give to back to the people so that they have something to listen to as well.

What I found the most touching and interesting while watching WhisperingLife is that she really thought she was the only one who liked whispering. (Nowadays people still think that they’re the only ones until they find the ASMR community on YouTube or Facebook) The way how she spoke about the fact that she likes whispering and that she tried to look for other whisper videos but that she wasn’t able to find any makes complete sense with the knowledge that we have now. She really was the only one who got the idea to record whisper videos and to actually put it into action by making a channel dedicated to Whispering.

It amazes me even more that TheWhisperingVoice spoken about WhisperingLife and that she was manly the reason for him to start his own Whisper channel.

Well, that was it for today! See you next time.

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